Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Diet Plans:-

Food is a basic need of human body. It helps to grow us or to keep our body healthy. Today we are going to discuss about Diet plans.  What are diet plans and why it is useful for our body?

Diet plans is a planning of food for all family member .It help to provide energy according to their need and to maintain body fitness .Overeating always makes you sick because it disturbs our stomach. So we must take a balanced diet according to our diet plan. Here is a food guide for healthy eating.


Deit Plans        As human body passes through different stages of life. Each stage has its own requirements. Below we will discuss the diet plan of three different categories that are as follow.

  1. Children
  2. Men’s
  3. Women’s

For Children’s (1-11 age)

Healthy diet plans have enough energy for children growth well being. The energy that your children need depend upon their age and physical activity level also. Here is a planner for games day.


Bowl of cereal with a glass of milk.


 Apple muffin.


Salad and chicken roll.

Snack: (contain carbohydrates for pre fueling):

Fruit and yogurt.

Dinner: (Protein and carbohydrates for recovery):

Cheesy, pasta bake with veggies.


Glass of flavored milk.

We should give fresh fruits and fresh juices to our children which provide them carbohydrates, vitamins, Proteins, and other nutrition. Now here is chart of child obesity diet plans.


Deit Plans

For Men:

As men work outside therefore they can’t maintain their fitness due to high work loads & busy schedule. Labors and office workers need 2000 calories in a day to maintain their body fitness. However overeating is also dangerous for their health and makes them fat. Our body uses food as a source of energy but excess of food is also not good for health .So if you are suffering from weight gains problem then at first you should avoid white carbohydrates. You must make your diet planner and eat anything according to that.

When you act upon your planner you will be able to balance your weight.

Deit Plans

For women:

Over weight is a major problem in women. The major cause of it is lazy lifestyle.  Good diet is necessary for our life .If we pay little attention on a food that we eat keep us away from weight gain problems. A good and balanced diet give you a power and you should not feel tired after doing some work. Here is healthy diet pyramid for 18 to 69 years old women’s

deit plans

Now here is a food list which helps you to weight loss

Simply if you take more calories you then you will burn you gain weight but if you take less calories then you burn you can lose

Weight. Now I will tell you that:

3500 calories = 1 pound of fat

So if you subtract 500 calories from your food. You will be able to lose 1 pound weight in a week.

So if you want to lose your weight then you should eat less and exercise more.



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