The food lovers fat loss system helps the food lovers to lose weight using simple diet plan by focusing on pairing the right foods and eating every few hours. Here dieters learn about the details of fast and slow carbs and how to combine them with proteins and healthy fats. Dieters can lose 3 pounds per week if they carefully follow the system, depending on the starting weight. The basis of diet is more or less parallel to the healthy diet plan that suggests the intake of non-starchy vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins, low-fat dairy and healthy fats in some balanced ratio. The plan initiates with 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, followed by the Food Lovers for Life long-term maintenance diet plan.

A lot of websites are being bombarded by the misleading claims “Eat all your favorite foods, at every meal and reduce your waistline”, which is not the case. Most of the foods like pastry are allowed in the maintenance phase in some specific portion when combine with other foods. But dieters are persuaded to skip such junk and starchy foods altogether and choose sugar free alternatives.

How  Food lovers fat loss system Works:-

Food lovers fat loss system is design for dieters so that they can learn how to make right combination of foods on the fat loss plate. By doing it so, they can speed up metabolism system which helps to burn fat and weight loss. First dieters must know the difference between the fast and slow carbs. Fast carbs quickly convert to sugar and elevates insulin levels; where as slow carbs are metabolized relatively slow without increase in sugar and insulin. The aim of this plan is in managing carbs carefully and intake them with lean protein to blunt the effect on blood sugars and insulin.

According to Ron Dudek, PhD, an obesity and diabetes researcher at East Carolina University says, In food lovers fat loss system we can trun our body into fat burning machine by choosing the right combination of foods. Moreover when we over eat carbs, then it triggers the blood sugar and increase in insulin, which is the culprit for obesity because insulin promotes fat deposition. When controlled crabs is paired with lean protein, it doesn’t spike insulin and our body then burn fat instead of depositing it.


Initiating the Plan :-

Weight loss started in 21-day Metabolism Makeover, the basis of diet plan. Every other day the plan unveils a simple diet strategy to help dieters develop healthy lifestyle habits that support long-term weight loss. Habits like keeping balanced food, intake plenty of water and exercise log, eating breakfast, controlling sodium, choosing healthy fats, eating enough fiber,  hang-out with friends and enough sleep are just few examples.


Dieters of food lovers fat loss system are told to eat three meals and snacks after every 2 to 3 hours with specific permitted foods in proper portions. Most meals contain about 15 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs and total calories vary but are never less than 1,200 for women and 1,500 for men. They are encouraged to drink 12 8-ounce glasses of water daily and 8 ounces for each 20 minutes of exercise. Supposedly, the huge amount of water intake will release 5 pounds of fat in a month. According to Dudek, “There are not studies to document this fat loss to my knowledge; however, it is not bad advice, especially for people who drink a large portion of their calories, to switch to water”.


The main focus on the fat loss plate is protein along with carbs, slow carbs, and optional healthy fats. No counting calories or fat grams. There are three types of the fat loss plate to choose from:


I — 1 protein +1 fast carb + 1 slow carb (Spaghetti and meatballs with a side salad)

II — 1 protein +3 slow carbs (Entree salad with grilled chicken)

III — 1 protein and 1 fast carb (turkey sandwich)

You will start the program by exercising 12 minutes daily. As you progress and follow the program, you start losing weight; you will progressively add more exercise time to your daily routine. Either you doe 36 minutes of cardio or 24 minutes of resistance training each day, this will help your body to adjust with an increase in physical activities and burning in calories by shedding the excess weight and increasing metabolism.

Is it Trust worthy?


Now most of the people have a concern that is the food lovers diet actually healthy to follow in the long run? The answer is, not all diets are designed to be used over the long haul. Some of diet plans can actually damage your body and might leads to sickness if you stick to them for too long of a time period. But the food lovers fat loss system is much different than this. It adjusts the way one eats and educates an individual on what one should intake for to get optimum health benefits. It does this in medically approved ways and that’s part of what has helped so many people to trust it. Here average, everyday person can learn how to leave obesity behind forever and chose a sensible body size which makes sense for them. In this program you are going to stick with for years and this is what is helping this program to make it more popular.

Are you ready?

In the nut shell, if you are ready to make a beach body by not giving up the chocolate bar, then surely this food lovers fat loss system is exactly for you. Through this you can achieve your desired body shape and still eat your favorite food (in the maintenance phase).


With all other good things about this fat loss program, the important things that are missing is that, it tells you to do exercise and workouts but for those people who has never been to the gym the information serves as an incomplete package but leaving a gap of complete details.



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