By following Juice diet plan you can shed your extra weight fast. Because this diet includes loads of fruits and vegetables juices recipes. These juices fulfill your daily fruits and vegetables requirement. Juice diet plan will help you to lose more weight by boosting your metabolism rate, you just have to take these juices with any successful healthy diet plan.

Recipes in Juice  diet plan are designed in such a way that will help you to lose weight  within a week. As all the juices recipes are healthy and help in boosting the metabolism. It is helpful for those who wana start up juicing at home with a lot of tips and recipes. If you are already expert in juicing at home, this juice diet plan is also beneficial for you as you will get some good tips and new ideas of healthy juicing recipes.

In juice diet plan you have to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Because adding more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet helps your digestive system to become fast. It is also proven by several studies that these vegetables and fruits helps you to increase your metabolism rate, helps you to improve your immunity and mental health. For increasing the intake of veggies and fruits we will provide you some very delicious and healthy juice recipes of fruits and vegetables in our juice diet plan  all of these homemade juice recipes contains the daily recommended intake of vegetables and fruits.

Here are Vegetables And Fruits Juices Recipes for Juice diet plan THE GREEN REFRESHER

In this summer season the green refresher is a best juice to Kick start your metabolism and one of the best juice of juice diet plan. This juice Keeps you refresh and active.


One Apple

One Pear

Half cucumber

Two handful of Spinach

Broccoli Stem Two cm chunk


First add apple, pear then add broccoli and spinach and in last add cumber blend all the ingredients using blender.Pour the juice in tall serving glasses and enjoy the delicious green refresher.


Detox juice is one of the best juice for fast weight loss .Beet root in detox juice increase your stamina as it increases the blood flow, that’s the reason this juice is best before any workout.


One beetroot

Four Carrot

One cucumber

Wash all the vegetables. Take a juicer jar and add all the vegetables in it .Juice together beetroot, carrots, and cucumber. You can garnish this juice with cilantro or mint leaves.

Carrot And Watercress Juice


Two tomatoes

Two medium sized carrots

One cup chopped watercress

Half Cup cilantro

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

Half  cup spinach

​1 teaspoon kosher salt or sea salt


Take a juicer jar and add all the vegetables in it. Process all the vegetables well. After blending all the vegetables add black pepper and salt in it. Pour the juice in serving glasses. Garnish the juice with Cilantro.

Vegetables and Tomato Juice

This juice is a rich source of vitamins and folic acid. You can drink this juice any time in a day. It is fresh vegetables and tomatoes juice which is low sodium juice among all the juices in juice diet plan.


Half stalk celery

Two tomatoes.

Half cup water

one lemon slice

Half green onion

Half red bell pepper, sliced

Pinch of salt

Add all the vegetables in a juicer jar and blend all the vegetables well. Now add black pepper and salt for better taste. In serving glasses add some small cubes of ice and pour the juice in the serving glasses. You can garnish the juice with mint leaves.


This juice act as a good cleanser, that clean your digestive system from wastes and toxins. In juice diet plan this juice is also good for healthy hairs.


One small beet

One cup spinach chopped

Four celery stalks

One teaspoon sea salt

One bunch cilantro

One tablespoon Lemon juice


Add all the vegetables in a juicer. Blend all the vegetables well. Add  lemon juice in it for delicious taste, pour the juice in a glass, garnish it with some cilantro and enjoy your  delicious weight loss juice.

Grape fruit and Yellow Pepper Juice

Grapefruit and yellow pepper juice is one of the best weight loss juice in juice diet plan.


One grapefruit

One yellow pepper

One  small kiwi

Half inch peeled fresh ginger

One small beet root

​Three large carrots

Pinch of salt

grapefruit for juice


Cut all the vegetables and fruits after washing . Put all the fruits and vegetables in a jar of juicer. Blend at high speed  for few minutes. After blending all the fruits and vegetables well add salt for better taste. Take tall serving glass and pour the juice in it. You can use ice cubes in it, and you can also garnish the juice with mint leaves or cilantro.


Watermelon and lemon juice is good for weight loss. Because watermelon is rich in fiber and water that is necessary to boost up your metabolism. And it also keeps you safe from dehydration in summer.


Two cup watermelon

One  lemon

mint leaves


Take your juicer jar and add lemon and water melon in it. Blend the ingredients properly. Take glass pour the juice in it and add few ice cubes. Garnish it with mint leaves. And enjoy your delicious weight loss juice .




Two cups coarsely chopped spinach

Two medium size cubed apples

Half cup carrot greens or red lettuce leaves

Quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper

A little lemon juice

1 teaspoon kosher salt


Take a juicer, add all the fruits and vegetables in it and blend well. Now add one teaspoon of kosher salt. In tall serving glasses put some ice cubes pour the juice in these glasses, add lemon juice and mix well. Enjoy your healthy refreshing juice with family or friends.

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