In this chaotic life where everyone is running to fulfill some aspiration, one must be strong enough to tackle the issues coming in life. One needs healthy mind and body to face the problems whether they are industrial, domestic, academic or related to any field. As healthy mind is dependent on a healthy body, thus one must strive to remain fit and healthy by carefully choosing meal plan for weight loss, which not only fulfils the nutrition needs of the body but also helps in elevating metabolism and burns extra fat.


For this purpose a weight loss plan is developed in conjunction with the grant from U.S. Department of agriculture and their Food & Drug Administration. This meal plan for weight loss was field tested at the John Hopkins Research Center and was approved by the Board of Directors of General Motor Corporation at a general meeting on August 15, 1995. While designing meal plan for weight loss, management’s intention was to assist a welfare and fitness program for everybody. The program was designed for a target weight loss of 5 to 6 kg per week. It not only improves your attitude but also emotions due to its systematic cleansing effects.

meal plan for wight loss

meal plan for weight loss

This plan can be used frequently whenever you want or like without any fear of complications. It is designed to remove your system impurities and give you feeling of well being. By following the plan, you will start feeling lighter by at least 10 pounds, plenty of energy and an improved digestion. But during these seven days most important thing which must be followed throughout the meal plan for weight loss is drinking 10 glasses of water each day.

 First Day:

On the very first day of meal plan for weight loss, you can eat all fruits except bananas. Your first day will be a fruit loving day, you can intake all the fruits you want but it is suggested that consume lots of melons first day, especially water melons.


Second Day:

Today you are allowed and encouraged to eat all vegetables of your own choice. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the raw and cooked vegetables of your choice. Accordingly there is no limit of amount or type but you need to be careful in use of some fats while cooking vegetables. Try to avoid oil and coconut while cooking vegetables and have a large boiled potato for breakfast.


Third Day:

In the third day of meal plan for weight loss dieters are free to choose any mixture of fruits and vegetables of any amount and any quantity. But unlike first and second day, bananas and potatoes are not allowed.


Fourth Day:

Today is the banana and a milk day, so consume as many as eight bananas gradually throughout the day and drink three glasses of milk. You can also have one bowl of vegetable soup.

Fifth Day:

Fifth day of meal plan for weight loss is the feast day. You have to eat one cup of rice along and six whole tomatoes. Pour 13 glasses of water into your system today so that it may cleanse your system of the excess uric acid you will be producing.

 Sixth Day:

Sixth day is another vegetable day. You may eat 1 cup of rice today. Eat all vegetables you want whether cooked or uncooked, whatever appeals to your heart.


Seventh Day:

In the last day of meal plan for weight loss your food intake will comprise of 1 cup of rice, fruit juices and all vegetables you want to consume.


On the very next day of one week of meal plan for weight loss, you will be amazed to feel yourself five to eight Kgs lighter than what you were one week before. If you desire further weight loss, you may repeat the program as often as you like. But it’s a suggestion that you take rest for three days before every repetition. Now you took control on yourself and you will feel a gratitude note from your inner self for purging and cleansing, you just gave it. Moreover this meal plan for weight loss is good to follow once in a while to clean your digestive system and flush out toxic substances that have accumulated in the system.


Things to be taken care of —

  • Don’t forget to intake 10 tall glasses of water a day, which is the most important element of the meal plan for weight loss You can add flavor to water with some lemon to make drinking easier.
  • Throughout the program, you can only intake black coffee.
  • Don’t take more than 1 teaspoon of oil, but it is preferred to avoid oil due to high calorific content. No fruit juices before day seven.


After affects —

After following the plan, one surely is curious to ascertain the affects it has on one’s body. So this is what it does to your body, how and why it works:


First Day: On the first day of meal plan for weight loss, you are actually preparing your system for upcoming program by consuming fresh fruits which serves as you only nutrition item. As fruits are nature’s perfect food and accordingly they provide everything you want, except total balance and variety.


Second Day: Here you start your day with mix of complex carbohydrates in the form of boiled potato. This is planned to take in the morning as it provides energy and balance. Rest of the day comprise of vegetables which are virtually calorie free and provide essential nutrients and fibers.


Third Day: In the third day of meal plan for weight loss potatoes are eliminated as you get your carbohydrates from fruits and your system is now getting ready to burn excess pounds.



Fourth Day: Today banana and milk consumption is for the potassium you have lost and sodium which you have missed in the last three days. You will experience a definite loss of desire for sweets and you will be surprised how easy this day will go. Along with the fourth day diet you are allowed to have coffee with milk.


Fifth Day: On the fifth day of meal plan for weight loss rice and tomatoes is recommended to fulfill the carbohydrates, fiber and improve digestion system. The abundance of water intake is to purify your system and you will start notice colorless urine today. Eating 1 cup of rice is not an obligation, you may eat less but you must eat six tomatoes.


Sixth Day: This day is similar to day five. Vitamin and fiber needs will be filled from vegetables and carbohydrates from rice. By now your system is completely moving to weight loss inclination. You will feel a sound change in yourself as compared to what you were on day one.


Seventh Day: It is the celebration day; you can celebrate it with any of the fruit juice you want. Some celebrate it with Champaign. You may also have white wine instead of Champaign but in all practical programs and in all surveys done to measure success of the program, General Motors employees have always preferred Champaign to white wine. Oil and coffee with milk is especially forbidden as they add calories to your diet. Coffee lovers can console themselves with black coffee.


After this program training, you will feel your digestion improved and elevation in metabolism. The secret of this meal plan for weight loss is that you are never hungry at any time while dieting. If it is vegetable day, eat as much vegetables as you want. If it is fruits day, have plenty of your favorite fruits as much as you like. You may be bored of eating vegetable all day but you will never be hungry. To over cross the monotony, you can take any amount of General Motors wonder soup on any day.


Wonder Soup

The following soup is aimed to add as supplement to your diet. You can have it any time in a day in unlimited quantities. You can drink large quantities of this soup. The ingredients are as follows:


  • Water
  • Large Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Whole tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Bunch celery


Closing notes —

This Program is highly recommended for people above 40 having excess weight. Excess weights are dangerous for both men and women and results in arthritis problems which lead to rapid joint decay. Pain and deterioration can be decreased by weight loss, as weight loss removes the stress on knee joints. Weight is the most critical factor in the maintenance of good health and excess weight is responsible for the problems including coronary deceases, heart problem, arthritis and cancel among other serious lifelong diseases. Most of the serious health issues can be avoided only by maintaining an ideal weight. Daily mild exercise of 20 minutes is also essential. Do not tire yourself out by doing tough exercises. Maintain an ideal weight and it goes a long way in ensuring a happy healthy and long life.


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